Corporate overview
Valtech A/S, Denmark
Office in Aarhus, Denmark

435 m2

Michael Berg Photography

"Valtech is a leading global digital agency, which has all conceivable profiles; from our designers to developers and digital strategists, all of whom must have the optimal environment when it comes to focusing on creating business transformations for our customers around the world. We contacted Ambiente when we needed knowledge and competence to design our new Aarhus domicile. We wanted our new surroundings to make our DNA visible with an inspiring and sustainable design, carried by creative and flexible solutions that truly support our tagline ‘Transform by Doing’.
We are extremely satisfied with the process and the final result.

Steffen Rasmussen, People & Culture Director, Valtech Denmark

Corporate office décor - a physical manifestation

Having a company's competencies and DNA expressed in the corporate office décor is a physical manifestation of the company's CVI. Ambiente have chosen to express Valtech's competencies and company DNA through a flexible, creative and activity-based design. A design where functionality, creativity and action come together so that it can create different experiences for employees, customers and partners. A raw universe with recycled bricks, concrete floors and visible ventilation provides a beautiful counterpoint to a cool interior with clear, vibrant colors, striking graphics and flexible furniture in Valtech's new office in Aarhus.

In the corporate office design, we have used delicious rugs, upholstered furniture, linoleum (an organic natural product) for specially designed tables, curtains as acoustic and visual screening between the individual zones, sound-absorbing ceiling and flexible, unique furniture. Some furniture is on wheels and can be used throughout the company: as furniture for large events, as workstations with desks and a high stool or chair, for room division - and of course as flexible tables. Room-in-the-room can be formed, which provides great flexibility for everyday life. Valtech has a strong and well-thought-out environmental profile, which is why many decisions have been made with sustainability in mind. Some furniture has been recycled and given new life in the new interior décor, just as new furniture is produced in FSC-certified wood with high durability.

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