The Team

Behind every successful project there’s a skilled team of project managers, interior designers, architects, craftsmen and logistics geniuses. Meet the team players here - both the ones that spend most of their time away from home and those who make sure everything is in perfect order behind the scenes.

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  • CEO
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Interior design & Architecture
  • Project Administration
  • Finance, Purchase & Admin.
  • Production & Fitting

Michael Skjødt

Owner & Creative Director

Claus Boysen

Head of Relations

Henrik Bundgaard


Helle Dahl Peters

Account Manager, Corporate Spaces

Karsten Laugesen

Consultant, Optical Industry

Trine Midtgaard Andersen

Sales Support

Gitte Skaarup Ipsen

Head of Business Development, Marketing & HR

Birgitte Wael

Head of Interior Design

Christina Poulsen

Interior Designer

Nanna Holm Bissø

Interior Designer

Annerie M. W. Hoogeveen

Interior Designer

Lene Mirdal

Lead Architect

Karen Toft

Interior Design Consultant, Retail & Showroom

Cecilia Petersson

Interior Design Consultant, Corporate Office

Kasper Mose

Interior Design Consultant, Corporate Office & Showroom

Matilde Billeskov

Interior Design Consultant, Corporate Office

Magnus Friis Jensen

3D Artist

Thea Ponsaing Glud Nielsen

Junior Interior Designer

Charlotte Fristrup

Head of Project Management

Rasmus Degn Moosdorf

Project - and Production Manager

Henrik Nørby

Project Manager

Jacob Moselund

Project Manager

Lærke Tolstrup Sørensen

Project Manager

Rikke Ballegaard

Project Manager

Michael Andreasen

Project Manager

Tilde Heilmann Rasmussen

Project Manager

Christian Koksbang Nyeng

Project Manager

Henrik D. Kristensen

Project Manager

Diana Christensen

Technical Assistant

Camilla Falkenberg

Head of Logistics

Cecilie Juul Nielsen

Head of Finance

Kim Henriksen

Purchaser & Facility Management

Kristian Østergaard Dahl

IT Project Manager

Kent Bak Harndahl

Construction Foreman

Thomas Nielsen

Construction Foreman

Michael Jensen


Carsten Dalsgaard


Lars Stenholdt Skifte


Morten Damkjær Petersen


Laurits Juul Birk

Junior Craftsman

Kasper Nielsen


Nicolas Bækgaard Laursen


Philip Maarquard Alstrup


Carsten Winding


Kasper Lindvad


Peter (Franz) Skrzipczyk


Nicolai Zoltan Gøller


Kristine Curting

Head of Warehouse

Lars Ole Skovgaard Jensen

Warehouse Operative

Pernille Dalsgaard Kristensen


Emil Rousing


Torben Bjerre


Alexander Skjødt


Kenneth Abildgaard Madsen

Craftsman / Trainee

Sarbast Mohamad Amin Ali

Craftsman / Trainee