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In-store concept , BR Denmark

Creating a world class toy store

That was the ambition of Salling Group when they took over and relaunched the BR toy brand. The new BR toy stores offer inviting play zones and evocative scenery for children and childlike souls so that customers can try the product before buying and together unfold the joy of playing. Today, the BR stores are a playing-destination, where you stay a little longer. Creating personal, memorable experiences that will be remembered.

Ambiente has helped Salling Group and the BR team with design and concept development of the new store concept. In addition, we have produced and assembled everything from pirate ship playgrounds, a magic forest playground, a Lego police station, a nursery, a Pippi Longstocking house, gaming domes, crea areas, 3D pin-art stations, an adventurous princess castle with magic mirrors, a full size crocodile with space for toys and much more.

From vision to reality

At Ambiente, we are really proud to help elevate the shopping experience at the BR toystores. Relevant store experiences are undoubtedly crucial for future retailers. At BR, the joy of playing is at the center of it all. Each store has its own theme so the experience and the playful universe are different from city to city.

Most renovations have been carried out while the BR stores have been fully or partially open to service customers and at the same time optimize earnings during the renovation periode.