Cleaning and maintenance of lacquered wood

Wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and immediately wipe with a clean and dry cloth. For more thoroughly cleaning, wring out a cloth in water with sulphonated (teaspoon sulphonated for 1 liters of water) and wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

Lacquered wood takes at least 4 weeks to hardened, so if possible, please avoid cleaning the surface in the first 4 weeks. Likewise, please avoid humidity and hot objects on the surface.

In order to handle more difficult smudges, please be careful with the cleaning. Use a rubber or stain removing benzene (flammable liquid and steam, please see the product guidelines) to remove marks from shoes and the like. To remove white marks and shields from contact with hot objects, humidity or alcohol, please use a dishcloth and place it on the marks/shields and ironing on it with a hot iron (do not steam the marks). Alternatively, use a blow-dryer to blow hot air on the marks until it disappears. When removing marks of stearin on the surface, please wait for the stearin to dry, and then remove as much stearin as possible with a not-abrasion object. If the stearin leaves a white mark or shield, please follow the instructions above.