Corporate overview
Headquarters Brabrand, Denmark

6,000 m2

Michael Berg Photography

New headquarters to support the overall strategy

ELCON 's new DGNB certified headquarters has been thought through to the smallest detail. Based on an already proven collaboration between the turnkey contractor, KT Erhvervsbyg, and Ambiente, we have realized an aesthetic and functional headquarters that manages to gather all ELCON 's competencies under one roof.

Ambiente participated from the early architectural lines to ensure a good space program and a well-planned flow in the house, which in everyday life ensures that everyone feels at home and that the departments have come closer to each other. Ambiente have also developed an interior design concept that has been rolled out in the administration on the ground floor and the entire first floor. In our design proposal, we have investigated the core of who ELCON is; an installation company with many different competencies. Inside the wires, we found a wealth of colors, textures, and materials we used for inspiration. Thus, the decor also symbolizes quite fundamentally and very visually who ELCON is.

We have focused on the large common room, the heart of the house. This is where colleagues meet - but also where ELCON meets many customers and partners. The concrete surface gives a calm, raw look, which is softened by white austere architecture, colored tiles and many green plants and tall trees. Throughout the decor, there are several outbreaks with cozy lounge settings where you can meet informally or retreat a bit. In addition, a large proportion of special solutions and special equipment for a personal, unique expression.

Focus on sustainability

Old furniture gains new life in new surroundings and in new combinations. Design classics have been reupholstered to fit into ELCON's new headquarters. Desk frames are recycled with new tabletops.

ELCON is owned by the energy company NRGi, and employs 1,100 people. ELCON performs all types of electrical tasks, from small service tasks to large corporate projects.