Corporate overview
Headquarters Skanderborg, Denmark

11.500 m2

Christian B, Yellows

"A unified office experience where the landscape, architecture and interior design have all been carefully considered and designed in response to the client’s unique identity and business.

One of the jury's arguments for choosing Ambiente as the winner of Office Building of the Year 2020

Headquarters breaks with conventional thinking

The ambition with the new headquarters was to build the headquarters of the future. Something that hasn’t been seen before and will make people go ‘wauw’. As a spectacular architectonic statement, we built ‘White City’. 18 white ‘houses’ which visually look like displaced boxes stacked on top of each other, creating spatial experiences and niches in the massive open office space. Inside the houses are meeting rooms, design lab and offices – and as an interesting architectonic feature all staircases are hidden inside the houses, too, to complete the cubic look.

Based on a public vote and a professional jury, Ambiente won Office Building of the Year 2020 awarded by Nohrcon, a privately owned, independent Danish company, which also awards School Building of the Year, Health Building of the Year and Sports Building of the Year.

Our customer promise ‘Creative spaces. Carefully built’ is far from empty words. The 11,500 m2 that make up the new surroundings cause most people to take a second look. First of all, because of the creative and very spectacular utilization of the square meters – and next, when they find out that the price of the new headquarters is nowhere near as high as one might think.

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