Exhibition overview
Agromek, Herning, Denmark

190 m2


"We attend four fairs around the world every year so our main priority is that our booth solution is easily scalable. But Ambiente didn't just give us that. They also brought to the table a design that visually set new standards in our industry and won us the prize for the best booth at Agromek. Since, we've let Ambiente design our showroom, too, which means there is now a strong visual link between these two important touchpoints."

Stig Veis Jørgensen, Marketing Manager, SKOV A/S

Industrial exhibition stand wins "Best Stand" award

SKOV won the prize for “Best stand” at Agromek 16 - a stand designed and built by Ambiente. The committee gave the following reason: "The execution is stylish and clearly shows that the company is international while also highlighting its Nordic origin. The stand has a beautiful structure without being lavish and invites people inside. The modular design provides new experiences when you enter the stand”.