Exhibition overview
DLG Group
Exhibiton stand at ECE 2021, Copenhagen

72 m2

Martin Sølyst

Exhibition stand in oak veneer with a Nordic lounge atmosphere

Ambiente has designed and built a welcoming, exclusive exhibition stand in oak veneer with a Nordic lounge atmosphere for dlg Group, which consists of dlg, Svenska Foder and Hage. Large grasses and trees support dlg agricultural universe and works as an evocative space separation.

The stand consists of three well-functioning zones, which embrace dlg’s many dialogues with customers and stakeholders. The bar area for shorter, informal dialogues, the high table area for the slightly longer conversations while the lounge area is intended for the longer relational dialogues.

After ECE 2021, furniture, pendants, carpets and logos will be included in DLG's award-winning headquarters in Fredericia, while slatted walls, wooden pots etc. will be used in future dlg exhibition stands.

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